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Napes Needle Fundraising Design

My parents met at Wasdale Head so there has always had a strong family connection and it holds a special place in my heart.  When I heard that the tiny, beautiful church there was in need of major restoration I wanted to help. 


To do this I have created a sustainably made, organic cotton clothing and tote bag collection.

100% of my profit from this design goes to the restoration fund of this important, historical landmark.

Where is Napes Needle?

Napes Needle is a rock on Great Gable, Wasdale Head, famous amongst rock climbers.

The iconic Napes Needle design is taken from the etching in the climber's window in Wasdale Head's much loved St Olaf's Church, the smallest parish church in England. 



church-with-trees copy.jpg

Why do we need to help?

The church's history dates to over 1000 years ago.  It has not received major restoration since 1892. 


Nestled in the fields, surrounded by yew trees, the church experiences the footfall of around 30,000 visitors, walkers and climbers each year, some coming especially to see the window etching.


So what can we do now?

By buying any of the t-shirts, hoodies, jumpers or tote bags in our Napes Needle collection you are contributing to the restoration of an important Lake District landmark and historic building.


100% of my profit for this design is donated to the fund.


More ways to help

Would you like more information about the restoration project or to contribute in other ways?


Click here to visit St Olaf's Church restoration page.

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