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Slater's Bridg, Little Langdale. Beautiful traditional slate packhorse bridge with mountainsa and river.

Environmental Statement

At Miller Honeyman we care about the environment and aim to protect it as much as we possibly can.​


In the office we use as little paper and printing ink as possible and we recycle as much as possible.  We try to minimise our energy consumption.  Our energy comes from a ‘green’ energy company.​


Our 100% linen base cloth is woven in Lancashire and printed in the north of England.​ 


Our linen fabric sold by the metre is digitally printed using water based pigment inks.  This method uses less water and the inks are more eco friendly than some of the more traditional printing methods.  Printing with water based pigment inks does not require chemical pre-treatment or messy steaming and washing during the printing process.


​Our fabric is printed on demand so there is no wastage. ​


Our homeware is digitally printed on natural 100% organic cotton using inks that are free from harmful chemicals and meet with Oeko-tex standard 100.


Our homeware is printed and made in England.

Our clothing is made by a company who use natural materials and renewable energy and print on demand.  They have created an open-access circular economy and design all their products from the start to be returned to them at the end of their life to be recycled to keep them out of landfill.

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